Our Own Definition Of Health

GTH = Gateway To Health (A Redirection Website aka Gateway aka Portal, Mainly For Krystal Endrulat And Cory Edmund Endrulat, But Also For Community Members And Trusted Companies, Whose Services We Use Ourselves)

HTG = Health"g" (A More Defined Version of Health, Not Refined), True "Healthy"

The definition of “healthy” is often skewed toward agendas or particular ways of eating regardless of bio-individual reactions. Health-g refers to Health Goods; doing and promoting good, whole-truths, looking at what foods are actually good and not what someone deems as “healthy” but rather “health-g.”

It may also refer to “Healthy gals”, “Healthy guys”, even simply “Healing.”


Technically we are all Heal-lings (-ling meaning = forming diminutive words. Us being part of the whole) if we are healing our bodies of dis-ease, detoxing toxins and optimizing our health to be health-g. 

Therefore, part of a health coach in this, is for “Healing gals”, “Healing guys” and “Healing to be health-g.”


Your health goods are greater than any wealth goods; health is whole, wealth is never fulfilled until it is found “on the pattern to health”.

(Middle English welthe, on the pattern of health.)


We all have “health” because of the innate blueprint to healing, therefore it is “healing health” that helps us bring wealth to health to healing and health-g. We are always healing with foods that nourish us fully, the g is the factor of “good” that comes with “food.” With y to g, f to g brings fully to gully; (gully meaning) a sense of direction utilizing the healing of water at it’s center.

(Health-g = Health Gateway)

Other references: Heal thy goodness, healthyg – health you go!




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